Cap pump D 304-03 white PROFI


Do you need precise measurement for your cosmetic product, cleaning product or syrup? 

We offer many kinds of dosing pumps for comfort application your favorite product. You can use pump for cosmetic (soap, disinfection, shampoo, gels), cleaning products, flower fertilizers, but you can use them also in kitchen for syrup, ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard. Dosing with pumps is easy, practical, hygienic and they are suitable for cosmetic with high volume. Dosing pump is good aid, which allows exact and economical product measurement. Pumps you have to screw on bottle, press and apply your product. One press doses from 1,2ml to 3,5ml – according to type of pump. Tubes you can cut with scissors to the right lenght. End of the tube should overlap lenght of bottle about 5mm.  

Some kinds of pumps (pump D 304-03 white PROFI) are specific for their size and diameter of tube. They are suitable for products with high density. They are good for syrup, peeling, ketchup, mustard.

Pump D301-07 (28/410) 300mm white has food certificate – you can find it in category closures, pumps and accessories.

You can find many kinds of pumps on our website, which can be great for your products.

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